BPM WorkflowGen ReBranding
Topla! Restaurant Branding 360˚
Chinook Aventure 2013
UX & Web Design Xomed aesthetic clinic.
Atelier Esperanto Website
Nuo. rebranding
Branding 360˙ Runup your SAP
The Triangle Headphone branding project.
Brochure for Normand Robert, Photographer
Smart Telecom
Branding Grands Prix Cyclistes 2015.
Branding Grands Prix Cyclistes 2014
Trafic Design Website
8 Bis Branding 2015 Website
8 Bis Branding Identity
Protecting Cultural Heritage in Times of Conflict
Branding and Packaging The Harvest of the Moon.
Branding and Packaging Béa Tea from China.
Branding Groupe A & Annexe U
Branding for 2012 Grands Prix Cyclistes™
Chinook Aventure Promotional Brochure 2012
8 Bis Branding Web 3.0 Website Design
Ethio telecom™ Branding Strategy (360°)
CORE; Spiritual Vodka. Branding and Packaging.
Logotypes Series 2011 - 8 Bis Agency
AVA Bath Accessories; New branding
Branding 2011 Grand Prix Cycliste de Québec & Montréal
Branding for Italian Futurism Coppa! Espresso Bar.
Branding of Challenge Sprint Pro
ICCROM UNESCO Re-org.info website
Sponsors Brochures GPCQM
Marketing Strategy and Rebrand for Parenteau Restaurant
User Interface Design for OXFAM IPad App 11
Moi Inc Branding
Branding for 2013 Grands Prix Cyclistes™
Panorama Stones Laminated
Branding Therrien Couture Avocats / Lawyers
Savoir-Faire Branding and digital platform.
Responsive Web Design Films de l'Oeil
Annual Banquet for Museum of Civilization.